Real-Time Exchanges

For AgriCharts Real-Time Services, the following exchange fees apply.

For more information, please contact an AgriCharts representative at 877-247-4394 or

Futures Exchange Monthly Fee
Chicago Board of Trade 1 Minute Snapshot (3) $15.00 / Month
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) $55.00 / Month
Chicago Board of Trade Minis (CBOTM) (5) $10.00 / Month
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) (2) $65.00 / Month
Chicago Mercantile Exchange E-Minis (2) $26.00 / Month
New York Commodities Exchange (COMEX) $65.00 / Month
E-Mini COMEX Metals (copper, gold, silver) $10.00 / Month
Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) (6) $40.00 / Month
Kansas City Board of Trade (KCBT) 25.00 / Month
Minneapolis Grain Exchange (MGEX) $20.00 / Month
ICE Europe Energies (7) $65.00 / Month
ICE Futures USA (formerly NYBOT) $65.00 / Month
ICE Futures Canada (formerly WCE) $20.00 / Month
New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) $65.00 / Month
New York Mercantile Exchange e-mini Package $15.00 / Month
+ Market Depth (4) $25.00 / Month
Equities Exchanges Monthly Fee
U.S. Equities (1) $10.00 / Month
CBOE Indices (8) $2.00 / Month

(1) Equities - Real-time trade prices for the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX & OTCBB exchanges. The Equities $10 monthly exchange fee is available only to non-professional users.

(2) CME Mini quotes are included with the CME exchange. The $26 monthly exchange fee applies for access to selected E-Mini contracts only.

Available contracts: The $26 monthly exchange fee applies for access to selected E-Mini contracts only. Available contracts: E-Mini S&P 500 (ES), E-Mini S&P MidCap (EW), E-Mini SmallCap 600 (PC), E-Mini Nasdaq 100 (NQ), E-Mini NASDAQ Comp (NC), E-Mini MSCI EAFE Index (EA), E-Mini MSCI EMI (ER), E-Mini Japanese Yen (J7), E-Mini Euro FX (E7), NYSE Tick (X1), NYSE Trin (X2), and CME Micro Currencies.

(3) CBOT 1-Minute Snapshot quotes are real-time quotes updated automatically once a minute. Charts for this snapshot exchange will not automatically update (you must refresh the chart to see new data).

(4) Market Depth a.k.a. "The Book" is only for electronic CBOT, CME, KCBT, COMEX, MGEX, ICE Energies, ICE USA, ICE Canada, and NYMEX contracts, and as an add-on to those real-time exchanges. You must subscribe to the exchange to receive Market Depth data. Market Depth is NOT available in the QuotePlus platform.

(5) CBOT Mini Data includes Mini-Sized Dow (YM), Mini-Sized Corn (YC, XN), Mini-Sized Soybeans (YK, XK), Mini-Sized Wheat (YW, XW), and Mini EuroDollar (YE) contracts.

(6) Dubai Mercantile Exchange includes Crude Oil Oman, WTI/Oman Spread, and Brent/Oman Spread energies contracts

(7) ICE Energies include Brent and Light Crude Oil, Gas Oil, Middle East Sour Crude, Natural Gas, RBOB Blendstock, Heating Oil, Rotterdam Coal, and Richard Bay Coal.

(8) CBOE Indices includes the VIX Index, and is separate from the existing “U.S. Equities & Indices” package.