From the field: 1/20/2022

January 2022- Wheat is taking a step back with lack of moisture and very little fertilizer applied.  We are praying for  moisture at this stage of the game.  With wheat prices holding strong and some potential rain there is still some hope.  



We don't have much concern with seed availablity at this point but if you need something specific get it booked.


Other great Options!

Grazex Classic $37.00

Greentreat BMR 6 (Croplan) $83.00 High quality with strong traits



Crabgrass and Oats planting is just around the corner.  Get quality for a lower initial cost.  We can apply the seed and fertilizer with our Air Flow Fertilizer Rig for $6.00 an acre.  Fraction of the cost of hiring it planted.

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Croplan soybeans have been a big hit this year with the RX4841FS or RX4541FS leading the way for full season or doublecrop.  Come by and check on our special double crop pricing on Croplan Soybean Seed.  NK and Dynagrow beans will also be available upon request.



If you have any questions regarding fertilizer, seed, or both feel free to stop by or call and ask for Jason.