Kansas City Feedstuffs
St. Joseph, MO    Wed Jan 03, 2018    USDA-MO Dept Ag Market News

Kansas City Daily Feed

Wholesale bids per ton, bulk, in truck lots, unless otherwise specified.
(Soybean meal, Soybean hulls, and Pellets- FOB processors KC and St.

     Commodities           Basis      Change         Bids        Change
  Soybean Meal 48 Pct      -27H        UNCH         291.60       UP 0.70
  Soybean Hulls-Bulk                                110.00       UNCH
  Soybean Hull Pellets-Bulk                         135.00       UNCH
  Cottonseed Meal 41 Pct                         235.00-285.00   UNCH
  Gluten Feed 21 Pct Pellets                     150.00-155.00   UNCH
  Gluten Meal 60 Pct                                530.00       UNCH
  Wheat Bran and Middlings
                    Interior KS Rail             95.00-135.00    UNCH
                    Interior KS Truck            130.00-158.00   UNCH
 Hominy Feed (FOB KC Northwest)
                                 Rail                 n/a        n/a
                                Truck                 n/a        n/a
  Meat and Bone Meal, 50 Pct
  (FOB US Central)                                  225.00       UNCH
  Feather Meal                                   365.00-415.00   UNCH
  Yellow Grease (dollars/cwt)                         n/a        n/a
  Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal                       211.00-235.00 A  UNCH
  Sun-Cured Pellets, 15 Pct                     212.00-217.00 B  UNCH
  Alfalfa Center of NE:
  Alfalfa Pellets, 17 Pct                       190.00-200.00 A  UNCH
    Meal without oil                                  n/a        n/a
    Hay                                               n/a        n/a

A-last updated 12/28/2017
B-last updated 1/2/2018

(Soybean Meal price based off March Chicago Soybean Meal Futures.)

Source:  USDA-MO Dept of Ag Market News Service, St. Joseph, MO
        Joe Toeniskoetter, Market Reporters (816)676-7000
  1339 C  jmt