10% moves continue into 18

Tues comment- METALS- Silver continues posting amazing 4 red diamonds immediately after posting straight down pattern at 11 days. Like beans in July 2017? Are you noticing there is a pattern to this madness? Dont be Goldmans hood ornament was the saying, or mine on the trading floor. Metals are right back to where we broke on that double fake out leading into the apex which was around $17.00 about a month ago. This is opportunity that I put in front of you. You either take the signal or take a pass. This was 20 cents sloppy under an OLB but the DEC 2016 spike had to be taken out by about 2 cents. This is the reason I say we use open orders and you commit ahead of time if you ever considered silver an investment, this was one of those times and you can see what happens after these blow the longs out bear raid. Then immediately in reverse in case you wanted to sell rallies which I strongly advise NO FADING MY OLIVE. Silver rallied 9% into yearend! Now I have tiny OLS here 1730 in May SI.

Diamond situations in many contracts, OJH ended.

GRAINS- The point here is index invest in commodity money was front run and beans crapped out 1st. Wheat is bulletproof but up over 25 cents off my OLB, and a 1 cent miss in spot month. It happened during a rolling of futures which by now we all know such rudimentary machinations that happen since day traders lived this stuff for decades. I hope you know that many turns happen during rolls. I could go on why or you can start the process now that it is the beginning of the year. I knew gold and platinum, silver we going to rally once I started hearing about everybody wanting to wait until 2018. That is today so if you want a really valid chance of betting 50-60cents in meats, a few cents in grains, or less, then these (my levels) are the only things you execute off and MORE IMPORTANTLY, where to put risk stops so we do not become a fundamentalist just because we cant take a loser easy. Some of you are getting a whole new taste of risk reward which it is only about. METALS still in solid up diamond pattern. The most Exciting markets are now upon us. Feeders now just up on nothing but near miss Jan, 2nd Futures hit. Cattle, stop over last 2 days highs because I had 3 #s within .20cents or so.

This is rocket scientist stuff. I study these geeks and price behavior in markets. Olive line to green line in 2 bars is fast vertical move. That is the service I provide to clients.

COTTON- just warming up. 78.00-ish last up from 67. This up from 40.00 low in 2009 crash, you have to crash to cleanse? This has been an inflation story years, a decade actually.

Coffee- tiny OLSs but we wan to look to get back long this just like wheat with massive short positions. RBOB unleaded hit something from 1999 to 2008 Important.

OJ and frost- Is there an olive line buy in OJ for you? 312.957.8248

RBOB and crude oil could be a highs like last year. Very interesting cross currents like in spreads that play these extremes. Markets are vicious but you can catch them the right way, if you fall in love with the idea of using stops for these condition patterns if you subscribe to trade idea!

When you hit you can really hit like if you wanted to buy metals! Now you could sell crude oil short after we just clawed all the way back up and printed an olive. Iran? The kids will be charged with WAR against God

If you want a story with an inflation theme then you want to hear this today relatively speaking. These guys just started new game today, the 1st day of year and we want to use beginning of year rules.

Big markets coming across the board. It comes out of the clear blue and when it strikes you will not want to have anything to do with it. That is the olive line and it reverse is immediate and leaves no prisoners. I think this is an accurate description or the product that is designed for the player that likes low risk timeframes or price areas where if you take a shot. You get paid!


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